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9.11am, 9th December 2015

noun. informal
Definition : A strategy or technique adopted in order to optimize savings and obtain more value for money.

Welcome to our TheseCounts DealHacks, where you'll be able to find practical (and even surprising) tips that would get you more value for your ringgit.
Stay tuned for periodic updates.

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DealHack when ordering noodles to go

9.20am, 9th December 2015

Which gets you more to eat : 1 packet for 3 people or 3 separate packets for 3 people?
This is the question of which TheseCounts is posing to you.
From our findings, we have discovered that you would have more to eat if you ordered 3 separate packets of noodles (i.e Hokkien Mee) for 3 people rather than one single packet for 3 people.
Try it. You might be pleasantly surprised.

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DealHack : Keep a vigilant watch on Unit Pricing of Products

5.58pm, 27th January 2016

Sometimes foods or products packed in the "giant" or "family" size may seem like the best buy, but you could end up paying more.
TheseCounts would like you to be vigilant to help you save more.
You may think that buying one large container will not cost as much as two or three smaller packages. But larger containers do not always end up costing you less than smaller ones. It is important to look at the cost per unit and compare this cost. The "unit price" would let you the cost per kg, gram, or other unit of weight or volume of a food package. Unit pricing makes it easier for consumers to make informed decisions about ‘value for money’, for example, to choose between your favourite Shower Gel if:
480g of Brand A costs $2.60 per 100 grams
775g of Brand A costs $2.10 per 100 grams
500g of Brand B costs $1.40 per 100 grams
It’s important to keep in mind the breakdown of the weight vs price that breaks down the products to unit pricing as it would help consumers determine which choice would enable them to get the best value (in terms of how much more would they end up with) for their money. Unit prices are important provided in addition to selling prices and help consumers overcome the confusion created by the ever-increasing number of package sizes, brands, products, types of packaging, and product forms on sale. Consumers who use unit prices can save significant amounts of money and time. On that note, foods that cost less per unit may not always be the better buy. The big, economy size is not a good buy if you cannot store it properly. If you end up with leftovers that spoil or are thrown out, buying the larger size is not a good idea.

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